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JCI Action Framework

The JCI Action Framework is a strategic guide for members to plan on their personal growth, community projects, business innovation journey and global involvement


Today’s global challenges require innovative and creative solutions. JCI empowers young people to become active citizens, take responsibility for global challenges in their community and identify targeted, sustainable solutions. Motivated by the passion to transform their community and the world, JCI members have the courage to address the most critical challenges of our time.

Designed to address all types of community challenges, the Active Citizen Framework™ outlines a methodology for conducting grassroots projects, building sustainable solutions that address a community’s most urgent need. Together, these grassroots projects from around the world create global change.



This framework is centered around these 4 Areas of Opportunity:


1. Individual development through leadership and personal development trainings


2. Business and entrepreneurship through flagship programs like Creative Young Entrepreneur


3. Community impact through projects anchored in economic reality through the JCI RISE initiative to help sustain and rebuild economies, motivate the workforce through youth entrepreneurship, and promote mental health awareness


4. International cooperation through exciting and innovative events and valuable partner organizations

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